Week #9

This week was one of my hardest throughout the whole semester. It was extremely difficult balancing out my time with dealing with some tasks. In my pharmacy job, we are currently going through our yearly inventory which was brought in earlier this year for an odd reason and I have promised my boss that I would help him out when the time did come. Last year it happened around July and it fell during the Summer so I did not have school to get in the way of it. So I have alerted my advisor from my internship that I would be busier in my other job because of inventory. He completely understood so there was no miscommunication at all. In the middle of the week, I have received news that my aunt’s husband has just died due to covid and two days later my aunt has passed away as well. The funeral was held via Zoom call and all of my family members attended it. On Saturday I took my last COVID shot, and I did not feel any severe symptoms other than my arm just being extremely sore and feeling a little lazier than usual. Next week I’ll pick back up from my internship.

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