Week #8

I’m trying my best to keep up to date with these blog posts about what has been going on in the internship. I am for the most part proud of the fact that I am actually keeping up to date with all of my work and projects that I am currently going through. I am still working on finalizing the icon for my internship gallery. I had a lot of ideas and rough sketches, but I am not finalizing the work digitally. I am still in defense of the idea of adding color to the final logo because I feel like if one does add color to a logo, it also becomes the identity of that brand. If I were to add as an example Blue, now I feel like tieing all the campaigns or posters together, the brand would have to include a blue in the mix so people can automatically connect the color to the brand. Next week is Spring Break, and do I really need a break. My plan is to have the weekend to myself. But the rest of the days I am normally in school is to just grind out the most work I can do, so I can have an easier rest of the semester. Now that mid-terms are all over, and I have received all of my grades so far. All four of the classes I am currently taking I am passes. I really tried my best during this semester and I am going to graduate with a 3.2 GPA. That was my goal throughout college because freshman year my mind wasn’t taking school as a priority. But that changed once I realized that school was actually important. I cannot wait to finally graduate and start my life. Thank you.

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