Week #7

Balancing out school projects, work, and trying my best in my internship is a real challenge when it comes to time management. This is possibly the first time I actually had to write down and plan ahead of time what I had to get done throughout the day. I just got my COVID vaccine at York College and my arm felt really sore while I was trying to do more work on the computer. I am taking longer than usual during this time, but I am trying to fight and do my best during this hard time. I had one project that I had to give an update to my intern advisor, but I told him I had to give an update the next day and rescheduled the meeting.  My arm after the next day felt extremely sore and I could not move it properly. I took the vaccine on my right arm, but that is the arm I use to control the mouse on my computer. Which led my arm to get really tired and delayed the process of my work. My girlfriend just finished taking her last shot of the vaccine and she was extremely sick the next day and I had to take care of her. She had to leave work early, and come home. When she finally did get home, she had a fever and felt chills, with a headache. I gave her some medicine and later felt better. My second dose is scheduled for April 3rd. I hope I don’t get the same side effects as her, as I cannot afford to not be on top of all my class assignments or miss out on days at my actual job in a pharmacy. Please, wish me luck in my second dose.

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