Due Date: September 22, 2021

  • Visual quotes sketches due Week 3 in Blackboard Drop box

To Do

• For your visual quote Project, please develop sketches for your visually enhanced quotation project. As we discussed in class, the final size of this project will be 8.5″ by 5.50″.  As a follow-up to what we discussed in class, see a complete description of this project.

So, work on completing at least two sketches for your visually enhanced quotation project. These preliminary sketches should be completed by our next class meeting and uploaded to the blackboard drop box. Below are examples of visual quote sketches:

These sketches can be done by hand on paper (size the paper to 8.5 X 5.50 for your sketches) and take photos of each sketch and then put them in the blackboard drop box. You can have more than 2 sketches if you like. If you do the sketches and are comfortable moving them into the computer, that’s fine and you can upload the computer files if you like. Either way, I am looking for concepts here–2 distinct concepts to visually communicate your selected quote. One of these concepts should be all typographic and one of them can use photography or an illustration.

Here are some ideas of students sketching from past classes, here is a sample of a previous student’s 3 sketches of his quote, Chaos for Order:


Or, here is an example of another student’s sketch, whos quote was “We’re , all Mad Here” from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This one is more detailed in terms of its color but both are clearly communicating concepts.


I look forward to seeing your ideas.

 Below is a site to review for inspiration with regard to design, layout, typography, etc.




• Do the Exercises for Digital Foundations Chapter Three Symmetry

To Read

Please Read Chapter Three Symmetry & Read Chapter 6 Line Art and Flat Graphics in your text, Digital Media Foundations. Do the exercises in the Chapters.