Dear Students, 

I hope you are enjoying the weekend with this beautiful weather! I just want to update you and also remind you about a few items.

Our next meeting, we will have a virtual field trip to 2 museums. They are the Nassau Museum of Art and the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum. Usually we have a in person field trip but that is not possible this semester.

We will also have a guest observer present who will be visiting out class. Please come to class on time so we can get started immediately. I have wonderful art work to show you and discuss.

Also, the mid semester grade is coming up quickly and it is October 29th. We will have a short quiz next week to help those students that didn’t do well on the last quiz. I will post what you need to study on the Announcement page at the end of the week.

The final Logo Research Paper is due October 21st. Please post in the drop box provided on Assignments link on Blackboard.

The Visually Enhanced Quotes are due October 28th. Please provide both Jpegs and PDF’s of your quotes. Remember I would like you to tell me about them and why you chose the graphic/picture and tell me also about the font(s) you chose and why. Remember this is a writing enhanced class so provide me with a paragraph or two of your explanation. Most of you are doing well so I look forward to the finished product! Please post on the drop box on the Assignment link.

If you have any questions, please email me at . The semester is going quickly, and we still have some projects and assignments to complete.  See you this Wednesday. Have a good weekend!


Professor Bauer