my 3 visual quote posters “My religion is simple, my religion is Kindness.”by HH the Dalai Lama.


This is the 1st visual quote poster I made for my class CDMG111, I try to emphasis his message “My Religion is kindness “ by H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet . I think its really relevant in today’s world , where people are dividing apart on the basis of their belief, but I strongly believe that kindess is the basis for all the religion . I made this in Photoshop and with Helvetica light as the font , I want to keep the image in disaturated mode as it looks more simple but more powerful . I linked the quote with my logo with a white transparent background , just to show how much I agree with this message .


This is the 2nd visual quote poster I made for my class CDMG111, this design is not something I made from the scratch, but I saw the tutorial on YouTube and I made it in Photoshop , the font that I used is Impact. I felt this style is really fit with the picture that I found in black and white of the Dalai Lama . To create the text a part of the image, the quote in this case, I think it looks sophisti- cated and made how important his message is.


This is the 3rd visual quote poster I made for my class CDMG111, I designed this in Photoshop with His image in the central and kind of balance between his actual action of openness in the world with his message or the quote, where he has met from the politicians to the artist, to the different religious leaders around the world. Font that I used is Gill sans ,again I want to keep the poster in black and white to keep it simple but with a low opacity gradient of orange color, just to give a warm feeling . I included this peace bird beside him just to represent what he is representing in this world.

hi guys this is my logo for now .


39186104-Row-of-traditional-tibetan-houses-in-Balang-Street-along-the-Kora-clockwise-circumambulation-circuit-Stock-Photo Tibetan-prayer-flags traditional-tibet-houses-03




My name is Tashi Wangdu and I’m a Tibetan,
this is the logo that I came up with , mainly 2
letters of my first and last initials , the letters
were made into rectangle shape with some
element of tibetan traditional house and their
colors . Colors can be change later but for
now i’m gonna stick with it .
3 rectangles with 3 colors represent the colorful
prayer flags ,which most of the houses
have on their roofs and it also meant for good
luck signs.
Along with prayer flag I try to put some feelings
into it by bending the letters, as if the
wind is blowing rite-now.