When you’re putting together your online design portfolio,
design case studies are a great way to showcase your experience and skills. By showing off what you can do and your design process, case studies can help you land more interviews and freelance design jobs.

What’s needed in building your case study

Below you will find a list of questions that will cover the essential elements of your case study. This should be used when you are gathering information ahead of ­writing your case study draft. Many of the questions have prompts for direction.

Choose an existing project from your portfolio as the basis of your study. Your answers to these questions should be specific, clear, and thorough. Once complete, you will have complete outline with all the relevant details you’ll need to create a persuasive and memorable case study.

Section 1: About The Client

  • What is the full name of the client brand?
  • What industry are they in, and what is their position within the industry?
  • What are important details about this client that should be shared?

Section 2: Client Challenges

  • What issue, challenge, or pain point did the client want you to address?
  • Why did they have this problem?

Section 3: Your Solution

  • How did you approach the challenge?
  • What was the solution?
  • What was the timeline?

Section 4: The Results

  • What benefits did your client see because of your work immediately?

If you are having problems with the project at any point, DO NOT WAIT until the final weeks for help. Reach out to me so we can work out a plan.


  • Week 10 – First draft of paper due.
  • Week 14 – Submitted final paper.