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Week 6 —Discussion of Briefly Documentary

Now that you have viewed this documentary, I want you to talk about your thoughts based on the questions below:

  • One: From the perspectives of all the various creatives featured in the documentary, is the brief really necessary? Explain your reasoning.
  • Two: Is a brief a set, fixed document? Explain your reasoning.
  • Three: In the context of the video, what were the thoughts expressed about research and inspiration?

Add your commentary below in the comments.

This discussion thread closes 5pm, Wednesday, October 19th.


  1. Vanessa Luna

    1. The brief gives you background and insight to understand what information people are expected to take in. In a way, it’s making it digestible and more welcoming.

    2. To me a brief is a conversation it’s never set in stone. So if anyone was to ever ask questions or evoke better ideas the bride could be edited and worked on.

    3. Research and inspiration seem to go hand in hand. The video goes over how important it is to dream and have research flow from that. Making it easy and being part of the process of what makes an established project.

  2. Wilna Michel

    1. From the perspectives of all the various creatives featured in the documentary, the brief is a crucial and necessary part of the design process. To all the creatives in the documentary the brief is the driving force to create ideas and bring them to life. Most of them emphasize also that sometimes the brief is short and straight to the point.
    2. The Brief at the beginning is a fixed set document, however as you progress through the project it might change as you find new information or ideas. It helps as a central thought where you could create new approaches and ways of communication. In the video one quote that really ties it is ” its our goal to challenge the brief”.
    3. In the context of the video , the thoughts were that although you need to do research to learn more and fully develop your idea, you must also have communication with the client. Both of these together helps develop a design that is accurate to the research while fulfills the purpose the client had. Inspirations also ties in it is the stepping stone in the design process.
  3. Natalie Soto-Bernal

    1. After watching the documentary I believe that the brief is in fact necessary. The reason for that is that the brief itself helps start off with the primary idea or goal about a particular topic. It helps with the process and without it it would be difficult in navigating over what the outcome may be.
    2. A brief is not just a set, fixed document, it is more than that. The brief can be an idea, a thought or a simple statement. It may not always be a physical object that can be held but a sentence or a form of expression.
    3. The thoughts expressed about research and inspiration from the documentary is that research is incredibly important. When it comes to research you have to explore, question and look into it as much as possible. In regards to inspiration it was said that It comes in different forms and if you find the right question it may be enough.
  4. Lloyd Matthews

    1 I believe the brief is necessary because it help you to focus on what you want to create.

    2 the brief is not a fixed document. Because it is based on your ideas. And your ideas can change at any time.

    3 In the video the thoughts were we need to listen to our clients and research is not just getting the information you need but you also have to go and interview your clients / people to understand them and their needs.

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