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Fantasy Sports can be a riveting way to put a spin on traditional sports: Crafting teams, comparing stats, and competing every week are big draws to the experience.  What if it was taken a step further?  We would like to mix the worlds of fantasy sport with actual fantasy games.  This would combine the fantasy sports you are used to with rpg elements giving even more depth to players stats and abilities.  Each player would be presented on a card showing a possible class, attributes, stats, and special skills.  Accompanied by a description, cards will be earned via a pack a la any collectable card game out there.  This might be the greatest difference between the two, as you receive players via pack instead of drafting.  Though there still will be a drafting element.  As we work out more of the kinks and ideas we plan to incorporate a buff system that will act like one might in other rpg’s.  For a week a player might gain attributes based on how well they perform in real life.  All of this rounds out to a different, funner, and ultimately more interesting way to approach fantasy sports.


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