My Name is Barrington Simpson and I am an aspiring game graphics designer, either that or an Animator. I’m enrolled at New York City College of Technology in hopes of getting a bachelor degree in Animation and Gaming Design. My work as a graphic represents who I am as an artist. Since I was young I’ve always love video games and cartoon, they always seemed to make me laugh and I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Thus, I try to make any artwork I do, try to have the same effect on people as others like it had on me, what seems like so many years ago. I see myself more in the game design field later on in life because I’ve been around games all my life and so I have more insight on what makes a game good or not, so I guess all I need now are the skills to make it happen.
Prior to my classes at City Tech I don’t really have much experience in game design or animation but with time and hard work I’m sure it won’t be a problem. I’m skilled in InDesign and have the basics of design down already and I’m able to combine both to make a potentially great piece of art. What I hope to learn at city tech is just, how to be a great animator. I need them to provide me with the material I need to hone and sharpen my skill so I’m able to get my dream job. Key word… Ubisoft, I would love to work for this company. They make top notch games and their branch spreads all over the word so if I work for them then my work would be global and who knows; one day I might own the company. However, lately I’ve been enjoying things in the advertising field so I’m torn, so I guess it will all be decided later.