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Part of Speech-noun

Def-piety- dutifulness in religion

Source- Merriam Dictionary

Found in All American Girl line 10

This word describes what the speaker thinks of herself, and explains her insecurities.



Part of speech -noun

Def- used as an insulting term for non-white, especially for an Asian person

Source- Merriam Dictionary

Found in the poem Choi Jeong line 5

This word shows that Choi had a particular view on others and she knew what others think of her and say when they look at her.


Part of speech- noun

Def- courtesy

Source- Spanish Dictionary

Found in All American girl in line 13

This word helped translate the meaning and get a clearer understanding of Julia Alvarez.


Part of speech-noun

Def-a feeling of contempt for someone regarded as unworthy

Source- Merriam Dictionary

Found in All American girl LIne 7

This word helped me understand the speaker’s feelings better


Part of Speech-noun

Def- greedy or excessive indulgence

Source- Cambridge Dictionary

Choi Jeong MIn

This word helps me understand what the speaker was referring to as “accuse”.


Part of speech-noun

Def- a facial expression usually of disgust, disapproval and pain

Source-Merriam Dictionary

All American girl by Julia Alvarez line 6

This word explains the logic behind the writing line 6.


Part of speech-adjective

Def-offensive,rude or disgusting according to accepted moral standards.

Source-cambridge dictionary

Instructions on not giving up by Ada Limon line 3

This word helped me understand the rhythm in the line better.



Part of speech- noun

Def- a person, especially an American, who is not Hispanic or Latino.

Source-oxford dictionary

Puerto Rican Obituary by Pedro Pietri

Searching this word up helped me understand the poem better because the stanza made no sense to me before.