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Elizabeth Acevedo was born in New York City, she is the daughter of immigrants born in the Dominican Republic and the youngest child and only daughter. Elizabeth Acevedo received a Ba in Performing arts from George Washington University, she also received MFA in creative writing from the University of Maryland. In her own words she proudly talks about her accomplishments not because she wants to show off but because she likes to give respect to all of her academic work. She feels that writing and performing help her understand herself better and the world. Elizabeth has been on television, given TEDtalks and took time to travel around the world. She does not only focus on poetry, but she also has written fiction stories.

The way Elizabeth got involved with poetry was because she loved to come up with songs but never felt like she had a great voice to become a singer, so she turned to hip hop and wanted to try rapping. With rapping in mind, she discovered poetry slams which also lead her to publishing fiction work. Some of her achievements in life was winning a National Poetry Slam. Her debut NovelThe Poet X (2018), won the National Book Award. Some of her favorite writers are Julia Alvarex, Lucille Clifton and Gloria Anzaldua.

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  1. Li Pan

    I like you mention her words that she made people respect her because of her accomplishments. I totally feel this way. Some people look down upon to those people who can not speak perfect English. We only can make they respect us by showing our achievements. When God does not give her a nice voice, she found another way to make a connection with songs. Her story motivates me to be a better person. Same as an immigrant, I know how hard to make a dream come true.
    Just one little thing I want to mention is that it will be better if you make the citation in MLA format.

  2. Somiab

    Your blog was very descriptive and I liked how you mentioned her accomplishments in life and all the awards she has received for her work. She’s a great poet and regardless of all her struggles she did a great job in life.


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