Margaret Atwood – Biography

Kenisha Charles 

November 28, 2018 


The Candian novelist-poet Margaret Atwood was born on November 18, 1939, in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. She was the second of the three children father Carl Atwood and mother Margaret Dorthey Atwood produced. Due to her father being an entomologist Margaret spent the majority of her childhood in the wilderness. Being exposed to the wilderness inspired her to start writing at the age of six, which she wrote plays and poems, etc. At age of sixteen, she came to the realization that becoming a writer would be the career path she chooses. She graduated in 1957 at Leaside high school and attended Victoria University where she continued to write. In 1962 she obtained her master’s from Radcliffe, although she strides for her doctorate for almost two years she did not complete. In 1976 she gave birth to her daughter Eleanor jess Attwood Gibson to an American writer Graeme Gibson. 

Her writing granted Margaret with some amazing awards that depicted her hard work. Receiving more than fifty awards such as Governor General’s award, Booker Prize, Giller Prize, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, Hammett Prize, and much more. Some of her most famous works are The Handmaid’s Tale, The Blind Assassin, including her poetry collection Double Persephone, The Circle Game and The Animals in that country. She often writes about human rights and many can describe her works to be gothic. With a gothic essence, many find her work to alluring and truthful while keeping a notion of darkness. Margaret Atwood carries on as she is well into her late seventies.

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  1. somia

    Margaret Atwood’s one of my favorite poems, I like how you described her accomplishments throughout her life. And you also mentioned the rewards she received for her work.

  2. R. Naraine

    I like how you mentioned every event in a timely manner. You also mentioned a brief description of her background such as where she is from and about her family. Her major accomplishments throughout her life and how she achieved them was also mentioned. These awards mentioned aren’t easy to accomplish, so it definitely shows her hard work and dedication. Most of her life she has been writing poems. She started to write at the age of six and is currently still writing in her late seventies. Margaret Atwood sounds like an amazing writer who was very passionate about writing poems.


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