My Reseach on Alicia Ostriker

The Lovely Alicia Ostriker was born here in Brooklyn , New York On November 11th 1937. Mrs. Ostriker is a women of many talents besides poetry, she is a scholar and author. Some of her work are “ For the love of God: the bible as an open book”, “Dancing at the devil’s party: Essays on poetry, politics, and the erotic”, “ The Book of seventy”,and “Stealing the language: the emergence of women’s poetry in America” this being her earlier work. Mrs. Ostriker was well known for her feminist writing and poetry.

In a interview by Contemporary Authors, Alicia Ostriker speaks on people who doesn’t know work ask what she writes about, her response was very interesting. She said “ I write about love, sex, death, violence, family, politics, religion, friendships, painters and paintings, the body in sickness and health, joy and pain. “. She goes on to say that she tries her best not to write the same poem over and over again. She tries to challenge herself and write things that she is not use to and what she fears to write. When reading that drew me to choosing her as my poet to write on beside her being from Brooklyn, New York. She loves the challenge of writing poetry rather than an essay or literary criticism which she more or less knows what she is doing, but she describes poetry as “ crawling in the dark”. Over the years, Alicia Ostriker was recognized for talent; she was rewarded being elected Chancellor of the academy of American poets in 2015 and her recent accomplishment in 2018 being named New York State Poet.

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  1. somia

    Your blog gives a lot of details on Alicia Ostriker’s life and career. I like how you mention her poems and written work and explain what they are about.


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