Blog Post #1 is now graded

Hi everyone,

I finally had a chance to sit down and grade Blog Post #1.  Everyone should have received a private comment (which means only the student writer and I can see it on our site) and a grade (a numerical value that only you and I can see).  These have all been posted.

I just want to remind everyone how I graded Blog Post #1, since I’ll be using the same system for Blog Posts 2 and 3:

4 points=full credit: the post was complete, responded to the assignment, was posted on time, was about 200 words

2 points = partial credit: the post responded to the assignment and was posted on time, but was incomplete, substantially fewer than 200 words.

0 points= no credit: the post wasn’t submitted, was submitted too late to receive credit (late posts do not count as per the guidelines I distributed) or does not respond to the assignment.

The Open Lab work portion of the course grade consists of Blog Posts 1, 2, and 3 (full credit will be 12 points), plus 10 vocabulary words posted by December 12 (full credit will be 10 points), plus 3 comments on other students’ blog posts 1-3 (full credit is 3 points).  This totals 25 points, which is 25% of the course grade.  

If you write 3 additional blog post comments above the 3 that are required, then I will drop one failing vocabulary quiz grade.  I will only drop one failing quiz grade so everyone may only use this option once.  Please remind me to announce this in class as well.

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