Poetry of Motion – Remembering Summer

Reading poems one time in your life can help you relax, refresh your mind and sometimes can give you memories along with a motivation throughout your life. In Merwin’s “Remembering Summer” found in Poetry Society America, first reading the title of the poem gives a little throwback about summer and the amusing times. As we know summer we feel the warm of the summer heat, the ice cream, the beach and so on. But there’s always the time where it comes to the end, the winter. The speaker tells the reader of the summer and “remember the winter how cold it got” by saying that the speaker couldn’t enjoyed the summer heat and it got cold really fast out of the sudden. In addition, the speaker has only remembered how the summer was warm and “only the long days the breathing of the trees” where the pleasant moment. We can say that this poem can tell us that there are somethings that has the end of the enjoyment. But knowing that waiting can take time to feel the same excitement so the speaker have said,  “I can sit here now still listening to it”. Basically, the speaker feels the cold has arrived and trying to find the ways of getting warm by just flash backing the summer.

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