Poetry in Motion: Remembering Summer by W.S Merwin

Poetry in Motion : Remembering Summer by W.S Merwin

I have came across many poems while riding the A train, but ” Remembering Summer” by W.S Merwin was the only one that really caught my attention and spoke to me.  While reading the poem I noticed there are no punctuation marks throughout the poem, I asked myself what is the speaker  trying to say or why is the poem written this way. The poem  makes a comparison between the season.  In the poem, it says ” in between is the best because you never give it a thought but it goes too fast ” ( lines 3-4)  the speaker is  referring to spring and how with spring the weather is in between not too cold or too warm. The poem is relatable because in new york, we experience different weathers, one day it might be cold, the next is hot and etc, and the speakers mentions how the seasons goes fast and how she can’t enjoy it.   Something else that caught my attention was the background picture that is being displayed. We see a leaf , with different colors and every color represent the season that the other is referring too, for example black, everyone knows winter marks the absence of color and the background displays black.  . ” the evening with the hens still talking in lane and the light getting longer in the valley (lines 9-10) But overall the poem is referring to summer how the weather is warm , the days are longer and the nights are shorter.

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