Reminder about Our Next Class on Wed, Oct 10

Hi everyone,

A reminder that Paper #1 is due on Wednesday, in hard copy form, at the beginning of class.  There is a penalty for late submissions which is explained on the guidelines for the paper.

We’ll also be reading and discussing three new poems: William Carlos Williams’ “The Red Wheelbarrow,” “This is Just to Say” and Amy Lowell’s “Aliens”–online link can be found in the syllabus or the Readings tab on the main menu of our site.

I’ll also be explaining the assignment for Blog Post #1, which will be due on October 29th, on OpenLab.  Remember that OpenLab assignments count for 25% of your course grade.

Lastly, coming on time, ready to start at 10 am is an important responsibility.  Too many of you are coming consistently late to class.  I’m happy to talk with any of you after class about how to insure you arrive to class on time and prepared. Please leave extra travel time so that you get the benefit of attending class from start to finish.

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