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As stated in the testing procedures, each microphone was spoken into ten times each in both listening tests. In terms of setup, RF systems are much easier and faster to build however, they have a greater chance of needing to troubleshoot due to the wireless element. The analog or hardwired mic system obviously was a bit longer to setup but it’s much more straight forward to build. The first test we EQ’d both microphones which made it harder for me to discern which mic was which by ear. The second test went much better because we had no EQ on each mic. I was able to differentiate much more clearly in that I noticed that the analog mic has a much more immediate low end frequency response. While, the RF mic had a more immediate higher end frequency response. Overall, what I wanted this project to be was an answer to the question of: what is the differences in sound and in system capabilities between a hardwired mic based system v.s. a RF mic based system?