1st B&G Committee meeting finished

Meeting: The 1st Building and Grounds (B&G) Committee meeting

Day&Time: 12:45pm Tuesday 9/14/2021. 

Place (online): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4939951429


  1. Announcement
  2. Introduction (everyone)
  3. Vote the chair of this committee
  4. News from the committee on committee
  5. Good & Welfare 
Bernard, LucasBusinessSPSChairB&G
Leston, RobertEnglishSASChairB&G
Vaisman, NathanMechanical Engineering TechT&DDepartmentB&G
Lobel, EricRad Tech and Medical ImagingSPSDepartmentB&G
Nyambuu, UnurjargalSocial ScienceSASAt LargeB&G
Kennedy, NadiaMathematicsSASAt LargeB&G
Nakamura, MasatoMechanical Engineering TechT&DChairB&G (INT CHAIR)
Schroeder-Davide, SusanDental HygieneSPSDepartmentB&G (SEC)


Alisha Corke and Salimatou Doumbouya