Visual Quote Project

For the visual quote project, I wanted my concepts to be literal. These are my final ideas for  Reyna Biddy quote inspired by a line from her poetry book called I Love My Love. The key element in each designed I tried to make the strong print is the word soul food. 


The first concept was inspired by down south vibe . I wanted the first poster to feel warm and exciting. The word soul food gives the idea of a home cooked meal I really wanted to play around with the concept of eating and gain strength through this idea of soul food. I trying to act

For my last concept, I wanted to play around with the concept of the mind because it relates back to the quote I choose. I used image trace in photoshop to make the shape of the brain. After having the shape of the brain I tried to play with the text in many ways, for example, I did the brain without the details of the lines but it looked very minimalist and simple. It didn’t have much context or relate to Reyna Biddy quote.