Ethics Assignment- Entry 1

  1. So far, my experience volunteering for this non-profit company is going great. I’ve met many of those who’re volunteering which is the chairman & founder, supervisor and fellow teammates in a group chat. Also, familiar with someone that I’ve had class with and volunteering in the same internship. This internship is online asynchronous, and my supervisor assigned me a few individual projects for me to design for their company.

a) The assignments that she assigned me to create a poster or social media post (for ex: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & etc.) for Independence Day. They also mention I could create a PowerPoint presentation and elaborate more about the national holiday and how it came about (which is optional). They also want me to include their company’s logo which is crucial to show where the design came from.

b) I’ve also have to sign a Internship student agreement form for the company. But, they’ve never told me to sign a confidential or non-disclosure agreement form.

Ethics Assignment- Entry 2

2) While viewing the readings about the AIGA Business & Ethics. They’re important points that stood out for me to be mindful of when preparing to become a graphic designer. Especially, when using another designer’s designs to create advertising designs or graphic illustration designs it’s very vital to receive their consent if they allow other artists to use their pieces to create designs. Also, very essential to practice creating more creative graphic designs & receive feedback from the client you’re presenting your work to in order to grow & improve as a graphic designer.

a) I have used another artist’s design work to create my own graphic designs in the past. Some of them are photographs & ad posters. Before I took the packaging design course, I found and used this image of a lady using a deodorant spray for her underarms. I knew this image would be perfect as my background for the scented deodorant spray line I created for my ad poster. I was still able to use this photograph and gave the photographer credit.

b) While viewing the reading about the arguments & outcome of the Fairey copyright case, the image Gracia took of Obama is her own original photograph. But, Fairey wanted to do something different & unique so he wanted to use his own creativity to make the image of Obama appear interesting. He also acknowledged the fact that most photographs are copyrightable subject matter. However, he stated that ” not all aspects of photographs constitute “original expression” entitled to copyright protection”. But he use obama’s facial image which is not in the copyright protection zone. At the same time, the aesthetic of the photograph gracia took is more realism ( how we see the world). But, in Fairey’s case he created a idealism aesthetic design which is the opposite of the photo she took. I believe that every artist should have the freedom to express themselves and add their own twist & uniqueness into their designs to show the world who they are as a designer. But, it vital to be aware of copyright works some artists are cool for other artists to use and some to make sure to receive their consent if it’s ok to do so.

About the Company

The company I’m currently volunteering for is a non-profit organization that assists in issues to social services, social justice & economic life faced by New York City’s fast-growing diverse communities. The company was established in 2016 by the co-founder in Queens, NY. Their goal is to work with many individuals of all origins assisting to build economically stable and sustainable communities by assisting people who’re living on the poverty line, students, the elderly, minorities, immigrants, and other members of the community who are compromised. Due to financial, age, health, lack of employment, or lack of education issues providing services that enable such individuals who can’t afford these expenses to improve their quality of life.

Role at the company

The position I’ve been assigned is digital design associate. So, my job is to create social media posts for the company organization which is an individual project. It has to relate to the topic or assignment that I’m designing for. Ex: holidays, earth day &, etc. The communications & marketing director also mentioned to me when I completed the design for the assignment. I have to send it to them to receive some helpful feedback & critique of what to change or make some improvements on for the design to appear great.


So, the non-profit organization which I’m currently volunteering for is online, and part of a group chat so I can communicate with others. Also, I can reach out to the director if I have any questions or if there’s anything I need more clarification on, &, etc. The communications & marketing director is very flexible with my schedule if I need an extension for the projects I’m being assigned. Everyone is friendly, and treat each other with courtesy & value their opinions. The environment is judgment-free.

Design task

  1. So, in the 1st project, my supervisor assigned me to create a social media post for the 4th of July. It can be a simple post for the national holiday. She mentioned that I can elaborate more on the post including multiple slides and information about the importance of the holiday ( which is optional ). The required things that I need to include in the post-design are the brand colors, dimensions, fonts & logo to represent the organization of the post is coming from.

2. For The 2nd project I have to create a social media post or regular poster for Global Energy Independence on July 10th. Environmental awareness is one of the issues occurring in our environment and the company organization I’m volunteering for takes it seriously. I can also include a couple of slides elaborating more about the national holiday, and different ways others and us can reduce & save energy.

Gaining new skills

While participating in the organization I’m volunteering for, I have gained some new skills while working on designing social media posts for their social media platform page. For the 4th of July (Independence Day) post, I wanted to create a banner for the “Happy Independence Day ” title heading to stand out. But, I wasn’t sure how to do that so I watched a Youtube tutorial on how to create a banner and it was easy. I admire the way how the overall post design appears very festive & fun.

I also created a banner for one of the global energy independence day posts I’ve designed. When I’m creating my designs I want them to appear cohesive.

Collaborative project

Well, the organization that I’m volunteering for my supervisor hasn’t assigned me to a group and create group projects. But, I have previously done many group projects in the past courses I’ve taken. I’ve gained a lot of experience working with others as a team in group projects. I know that this will help me to work with my co-workers during my career job in the near upcoming future.