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Blog #7:

1.) What I was learning on this job with regards to the industry and the economy/business was communication. When It comes down to receiving feedback, communication is key, so I would have to go back and forth between my co-workers along with my supervisor in order to get some form of feedback.

2.) What I was learning on this job regarding the industry and economy/business was teamwork. When there were times when our supervisor couldn’t make it to a meeting, we as a  team would have to critique each other’s work and give each other feedback that was needed in order to make our designs better.

3.) What I was learning on this job also regarding the industry and economy/business was time management. I still struggled with this at times, but this internship has made me improve somewhat because I would try to improve one thing before moving on to work on another thing and make sure that I don’t stress or strain myself when I try to design or illustrate ideas and such.

4.) What I was learning on this job also was the overall big picture. We as the workers for GivingForward had to watch videos and look through other resources to get an idea of what it is that we do as creators for this organization and get a feeling for the overall mindset that we need for it. A video that I watched that had to deal with the golden circle really opened my eyes to how I should create my designs with this video in mind. In a way, my design/idea had to tell a story and in a way, telling stories is something that I am pretty good at.

Blog #6:

The culture of my workplace was pretty formal. I would have a neat-looking shirt, but we didn’t really have a particular dress code. The typical employee workday regarding hours and lunchtime was to pretty much create your own hours. I worked for 5 hours a day while my break was around 30 minutes.  Around the time I work, I would sketch up some ideas of designs to be placed or put into social media and get it critiqued by my supervisor or other co-workers. We communicated through group chats and Zoom/Google Meet meetings every Saturday to discuss how we are doing so far and what we’ve got done. The software that I would use to manage the projects is Clip Studio Paint Pro. It is and probably always will be my go-to software to use.

Blog #5:

I am an illustrator and graphic designer in charge of creating and posting designs for social media. My supervisor is Oscar Stadthagen who is the general manager for the small profit GivingForward. How I came across this internship site was actually through one of my friends. When I was still at a struggle with actually finding a job, he helped me get an internship here through recommendation and I can’t be any more grateful to him for doing that. Of course, I was pretty nervous after sending the general manager the application because I was a bit scared of getting rejected like all my other applications, but I was surprised when no less than a week, I soon got an email that said that I got the job.

Blog #4: I got the job!!!

As an update on my situation, I finally got the job!

The company that I will be now interning with is GivingForward. They were founded in 2020 and it’s a publicly small non-profit organization that helps other small non-profits. They would generate 50% of it’s revenue and donate it to those small non-profits. However, based on the viewers, it’s their choice on picking which they want to donate to. The real idea of this organization also is to build more web traffic into the site in order for others to check out their site. For my role, I work in the design department which creates or illustrates designs that will contact the attention of the viewers.

Blog #3:

**A small update with the job that my sister told me that I could do for this internship. I, unfortunately, couldn’t take the job due to it not applying to my actual major requirements. So, I am now back to square one ^^;

I’m back again to post my job hunting update. It has been a very stressful process so far for me. So far, I haven’t heard one word about the jobs that I submitted applications for.  This process for me is honestly the worst. Sure, getting the papers is one thing, but the actual waiting process is the most dreadful part of this entire internship process. Hopefully, they will reply soon and I can get started on working and putting hours in.

Blog #2:

Back again to record my progress on finding a job. So far, I have been hired to do a job at my sister’s job as an intern to assist kids. It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, but I will do my best! I’m now at the stage where I have to fill out some papers for this internship in order to start working. Hopefully, all this gets settled, so I can get started.

Blog #1:

So far, I have been searching around for jobs using the app Handshake and other methods by asking friends and teachers. Luckily, with the help of my friends, professors, and sister, I managed to apply for at least two jobs that interested me.

I right now am currently waiting and preparing myself for this job interview on working in a school that my sister works in. Meanwhile, I still haven’t heard back from the other internship so far, but hopefully, I also get a chance to learn more about what this internship does so I can get a clearer understanding. Fingers crossed!

I am also happy and very excited to hear that Yen Press actually has a design internship. It’s honestly a chance of a lifetime for me because being a mangaka or comic book artist is just one of my dreams.


Hello to everyone that comes to my page, my name is Amara Worrell and I am majoring in Communication Design. The reason why I’m in this major is because of my love for (Illustration) Character Designing, Game Designing, Animation, and Cartooning. I grew up watching cartoons and anime as a kid so, when I saw those things on the screen, I was blown away by it. I knew from that point on that I wanted to be an artist when I grow up. To pursue in my future art career, my best friend thought it would be best for me to go into a high school that studied in art, so I went to the High School of Art and Design, majoring in Cartooning. Within those years, it took me a while to find and develop my art style that I can call my own. Although, during my senior year of high school I didn’t know what college to go to since majoring in Illustration or Communication Design was kind of rare but, when I saw the New York City College of Technology and how they had a major in Communication Design, I was honestly happy and had my mind set to go there. They even had specific types of electives that fits my strong suit which was another plus for me. However, I couldn’t lie to myself and say that I was a bit intimidated and scared coming to this new environment. As a child, I was and still am a very quiet and shy type of person, but at the same time, I wanted to meet and connect with people. Even though I knew this will be a bit challenging in my eye, I saw CityTech as a ticket to doing something that I would love, even if it means doing a couple of things that are way out of my comfort zone. But, I do think it will be worth it in the end when I get the opportunity to do it.

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