Collaborative Project: Blog Five

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A collaborative project that I worked on during my internship was creating a new look for their company lounge. The lounge is usually where the team can hang out, eat lunch, or play pool. At Carisma they are big on having fun and enjoying their time together. George (the Creative Director at Carisma) let everyone […]

Learning Experience: Blog Four

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At Carisma, they specialize in wrapping vehicles of all types. They have guided me through the entire process. They have design services that are available to help clients build their look. Whether they need to start from scratch or want to incorporate existing branding into a new design. A lot of their clients provide their […]

My role at Carisma: Blog Two

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At Carisma, I am an Intern in the Graphic Design and Production Department. The production department is where files are proofed for printing. The Graphic Design Department does work for clients that do not already have their own. They also work on smaller projects besides the vehicles. My supervisors are Fran Gidalowitz and Jorge Ocampo. […]

About Carisma: Blog One

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Carisma is a large format printing company, specializing in the design, production and installation of vehicle graphics. City sightseeing Double Decker Buses in NYC, as well as many of the local food trucks all proudly wear our wraps. In addition to vehicle graphics and embellishments, Carisma works with many marketing companies, helping them bring their […]