Self Evaluation: Blog Eight

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My Internship at Carisma Large Format Media is coming to an end. It has been a very interesting, fun and great learning experience for me. I think I handled my first internship very well. I always made it there on time which is something I am proud of being that the travel getting there was not easy! I made sure to wake up extra early and leave with extra time to get there. I would rather be early than risk showing up late. I get along well with all of the employees. I have to say I will miss being there when my hours are over. I think I handled the tasks I was given very well. I asked only the necessary questions and made sure not to get in the way of others who were busy working on their own tasks. I listened when the Creative Director showed me how to do things on Illustrator and I feel so much more comfortable using it now. Like I said in my previous blogs, I usually go straight to InDesign but being at Carisma helped me to break away from that habit. Overall I am happy with my progress at Carisma and that I was able to be their Intern.