Role Model: Blog Seven

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I would consider Jorge Ocampo as my role model/ mentor at Carisma. He is the Creative Director. He has told me a lot about his life and how he chose this path. He is inspirational because he did not attend college and is still so successful in his field. He told me that he always knew he wanted to be an artist/ graphic designer. Both of his parents are graphic designers so he learned a lot of what he knows from them. While interning at Carisma I learned a lot so far from Jorge. He has shown me how to do a lot of things using Illustrator. I usually use InDesign but with the help from him I feel more comfortable using Illustrator. He is very skilled and patient. He takes time to really explain step by step so it is an ease to learn from him.  Even though he is not my direct supervisor he is nice enough to take time to check on how I am doing even though it gets very busy for him. Being a creative director takes a lot of skill and leadership ability and by observing I would say Jorge does a great job. I would love to become a creative director one day and meeting Jorge has given me more inspiration.