Learning Experience: Blog Six

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I have always preferred using InDesign for everything I create. It was the first program I learned and I am comfortable saying I know how to use it well. While interning at Carisma so far, I realized that they mostly use Illustrator. Anything that gets printed has to be an Illustrator file, which is what the Creative Director told me. He has helped me learn more about using Illustrator and showed me some shortcut keys that I didn’t already know.

Jorge, (they call him George) who is the creative director at Carisma, gave me a small design task to complete. Every now and then they get small jobs, other than the large bus wraps that they specialize in. It did not take me long to get the task done because it was a few lines of text. I worked on a “No Parking Sign” which needed to say: “Private Property No Parking at any time vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense”. The client is a friend of his and he just needed a few of the signs. The size was provided to me which was 24”x24” and I was told to use Illustrator. I am more comfortable with InDesign but for this small task I was fine using Illustrator. Once I was done I showed it to George. He had me make some of the text larger. Then he showed me how they prepare it for print and record it so they have proof of all work that they do. They had seven of them printed. Even though it is a small task I was excited to have done something that will be used. I am eager to learn more so that I can be just as good as using Illustrator as I am with using InDesign.


This was the final result of the sign I created: No Parking Sinage

Very simple, but clean and effective. I used one of my favorite fonts “Bebas Neue”.