Collaborative Project: Blog Five

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A collaborative project that I worked on during my internship was creating a new look for their company lounge. The lounge is usually where the team can hang out, eat lunch, or play pool. At Carisma they are big on having fun and enjoying their time together.

George (the Creative Director at Carisma) let everyone know that they needed to come up with a simple yet effective design for their lounge. There was an upcoming presentation/ tour of the building for their client “Grey Barn” (Long Island’s newest rental community). Most of the walls are already decorated with colors or sample work that they have done. The lounge was the only room that was not so appealing and needed a new look. I am not sure exactly all the details on why they did this presentation/ tour but I can tell that it was a big deal.

We began to think of ideas of what to put on the walls of the lounge. In total there was seven of us working on this short project. It had to be done very quickly so that it could get printed and applied to the walls. This project was brought about on a Monday and the presentation was on Wednesday. Some ideas were to have a city scape background or words all over the wall but those weren’t approved because of the time frame and it would be too vector for the type of print they did. Calling the room “The Lounge” was an idea that stuck. I did not do the actual design, the Graphic Designer Clayton did it and the team all gave suggestions. We chose grey for the wall color to play off the name of the client who the presentation was for. For the text we chose Red to match the chairs, table and pool table that was already in the room. I was surprised at how fast the lounge was finished. I knew it needed to be done fast but when I came in the next morning it was already done and it looks so good! This was a fun collaborative effort because everyone was excited for the lounge to get a new look. I was excited because I got to take part and see the finished look up close and personal. See below for before and after images!



This is how the lounge looked BEFORE..



And this is AFTER! 🙂