Learning Experience: Blog Four

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At Carisma, they specialize in wrapping vehicles of all types. They have guided me through the entire process. They have design services that are available to help clients build their look. Whether they need to start from scratch or want to incorporate existing branding into a new design. A lot of their clients provide their own designs and they need to be edited so that it fits correctly onto the buses. One scenario that came about while observing the process for their client “Grey Barn”, was that the artwork for one side of bus had all low quality images. For all artwork that is sent in, they have to inspect the quality. They will be printed at a very large scale so if it gets pix-elated when zoomed in, it will look horrible when printed out and placed onto the buses. Luckily in this case, it was an easy fix. We just replaced the images using the artwork for the other side of the bus which had the same images, except for two which we emailed the client about. At Carisma, they try their best to fix any issues instead of asking the client to re-do it. This makes things go a lot faster in terms of getting the proof to the client and then sending them to print once it gets approved. The process seems easy, but every day they get new projects that are different from the rest, so I imagine it is never really easy.