My role at Carisma: Blog Two

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At Carisma, I am an Intern in the Graphic Design and Production Department. The production department is where files are proofed for printing. The Graphic Design Department does work for clients that do not already have their own. They also work on smaller projects besides the vehicles. My supervisors are Fran Gidalowitz and Jorge Ocampo.

I was referred to Fran and Jorge (they call him George) by my co-worker at my current job that is not Graphic Design related. They agreed to have me come in to meet with them and I was given a brief Interview. They were excited to have me start and mentioned they wanted to hire an intern but never got around to it because they are so busy.

Fran and George told me all about their company and what they do. They showed me a pamphlet that displayed a lot of the work they did. The design of the pamphlet itself is phenomenal. They use a lot of bright vivid colors. They are big on using colors of the CMYK color scheme. The typography was very unique and eye-catching as well.

After telling me about the company they asked me a few questions about myself. They did not ask me too many questions, I think they already had it set that they would bring me in. They asked me what school I attend and what year I am in. They also asked what programs I am familiar with and if I had my own laptop with the adobe creative suite installed. They then asked about the internship course requirements. After explaining it to them and the amount of hours I would need to complete, they gave me a start date. I was relieved to not have to wait to hear back from them and eager to start.