Culture Of The Workplace: Blog Three

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At Carisma, the attire is informal. There seems to be no dress code. No one wears a suit and tie but they wear causal button down shirts/ t- shirts, paired with jeans and sneakers/ dress shoes. Majority of the employees here are male. The females wear casual blouses with either a skirt or pants.  I dress with formal attire. I wear a collared button down with dress pants and shoes. In the future a long sleeve blouse would also be appropriate.

They have offices that have work stations. At the work stations there are apple computers and a telephone. Some have small plants as decoration. They all have assigned stations. I bring my own laptop because there were no vacant work stations with a computer for me to use.

Their lounge area has a pool table and in one of their offices they have a virtual realty game system that they let me try out. It was my first time playing a VR game. Being that it was only my first day and they asked me to play, I could tell that they like to have fun at the workplace and it is not all about work for them.

The typical workday has a total of 9 hours. They start at 9am and end at 6pm. Most days they do not leave at exactly 6. Lunch usually starts at around 1pm. From what I observed so far, everyone gets their lunch and eats at their desk so they can continue working if needed. Learning from school to never have food or drinks near the computers, I was a little surprised to see them do this. I guess they are just very careful and used to doing it every day.