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Carisma is a large format printing company, specializing in the design, production and installation of vehicle graphics. City sightseeing Double Decker Buses in NYC, as well as many of the local food trucks all proudly wear our wraps. In addition to vehicle graphics and embellishments, Carisma works with many marketing companies, helping them bring their visions to fruition. From custom POP to unique film props. Moshe Gil is the Chief Executive Officer, Fran Gidalowitz is the Director of Sales and Marketing and Jorge Ocampo is the Creative Director. Some clients that Carisma has worked with and still do are Netflix, STARZ, Angry Birds the movie, Ghostbusters, The Rockettes, Black Sails, FOX news, Coca Cola, and the Wendy Williams Show. A key event at Carisma would be the launch of the Massivit 1800 system that has been installed at Carisma in Brooklyn NY. It immediately went into production creating stunning unique promotions primarily on buses. The Massivit 1800 is a super-fast super-sized 3D printer. It is set to transform the way special marketing, advertising & themed environments are created. With output speeds incomparable to anything else in the 3D printing industry.

In addition to the New York market, Carisma prints and ships to all major markets throughout the country and has grown to become a trusted leader in the large format printing industry since it was founded in 1999. Carisma has about 20-30 people employees. They are a private company. They have one location located in the Greenwood section of Brooklyn. Their building is very spacious, they use three floors. The ground floor is used to hold some of the Double Decker Buses and this is where they do work on them. The second floor is where the offices are and where the design takes place. This floor is also where they keep the large 3D printer “Massivit 1800” and other small 3D printers. There are also a few of the physical 3D printed objects. On the third floor is the Print Production floor where all the vehicle wrap printing is done. Arturo Romero is their Print Manager.

I am an Intern in the Production Department and also Graphic Design. The production department is where files are proofed for printing. The Graphic Design Department does work for clients that do not already have their own. They also work on smaller projects besides the vehicles.

I found these recent articles about Carisma and what they’ve done:

Article link: http://www.piworld.com/article/carisma-uses-massivit-3d-printer-produce-large-format-bus-wraps-ghostbusters-movie/

Carisma created 10 eye-catching 14-foot high 3D printed graphics to promote Sony Pictures’ summer blockbuster, “Ghostbusters,” using their Massivit 1800 3D printer. They were mounted and illuminated on buses throughout America ahead of the “Ghostbusters” release. This campaign lasted a month long. They had a short amount of time to produce the models but thanks to the Massivit 1800 3D printer, they were able to get the job done on time. The bus wraps had a great impact, especially during the night. Viewers were drawn to the special glow that Carisma added for a lasting effect. They created a huge buzz before the movie released.

Article Link #2 http://www.engineering.com/3DPrinting/3DPrintingArticles/ArticleID/12004/Massivit-to-Demo-Massive-3D-Printer-at-drupa-2016.aspx

This article talks about the plans to demonstrate the Massivit 1800 3D printer at drupa 2016 in May and June 2016. They highlight Carisma for becoming a partner of Massivit. The benefit for Carisma is the ability to 3D print enormous marketing displays.

I feel very honored to be interning at Carisma and being able to see the Massivit 1800 3D printer up close and personal. The samples they have made are huge. They even told me they were able to scan a boys entire body and make a 6 foot 3D print to be displayed at his bar mitzvah. I honestly thought they were joking at first but they really did this!

3D Printer “Massivit 1800”

3D samples created by the “Massivit 1800”

3D samples created by the “Massivit 1800”