Copper Hewitt Transparency/Layering

This piece is a good example of transparency and layering. The lettering and symbols overlap each other but the blue lettering can be seen under the red symbols.

The lettering is layered over the illustrations as well as other lettering under it. Every work in this piece is opaque.

This piece is a demonstration of transparency and layering. The piece itself is made of glass which is transparent and theres other pieces of glass of various colors that are layered over the glass piece.


This work shows a contrast between the white and the hot pink. There’s a contrast between the shades of pink too but the greatest contrast is with the actual work and background.

7485-7-2011 Matt Flynn 023

This work has contrast between the face in the photo and the holes created in the face. It creates this hollow look on the person.

The contrast between the cropped playboy bunny and the background gives this chopped look. The pink font doesn’t contrast the background much but it does contrast the black bunnies.



As amazing as it is to have a free New York Times account just for being a City Tech student it is the best perk. Student discounts at ART SUPPLY STORES!! As an artist I know art supplies are bank and getting a discount with my low balance is a blessing.


I’m taking this class because I’m trying to improve my design skills. Music, fashion, makeup, and photos inspire me and my art. I’m spontaneous with my art and usually do my best work at night. Mainly painting is my forte.