City Tech Projects (Inside)

Cd Cover Project
This project was made for cover idea from the photoshop created combining texts and pictures ideas into animation







    This is my idea of a photoshop of two different animation characters that face off each other in front of the school. knowing that it’s best view area to fight in, but at the same time the idea of fighting in front of the school is funny.




Midterm project

This is the mash button project that I had to do as a midterm this project is mainly about how we would insert the buttons as we click one slide towards another also there’s also music included in this project, but there’s minor problem about it also it’s one storyboard project.


Masking Project(Time warp project)

The project is also about photoshop where we combine pictures from the present and the past into one photo and what I did is having a past picture which is dinosaur killing an object from the present .

Masking Project      Before and After photoshop assignment


photores-2aphotoshop assignment after.jpg






-This type of photoshop assignment is basically to teach us how to restore a damaged photo and turn it into a clean photo by using the tools from the photoshop and it does take time because not all the tools are able to restore it this is why I had to use many other tools to restore into a clean photo

Logo assignment

anthonys-logo-1This is my first inside project I had done in city tech because I had to use illustrator to use tool skills for me to build a simple logo if anyone wanted to build a business and wanting to figure out what logo they want for their company