Career Advisement


Besides having your back when it comes to academic success, ASAP also provides you with a Career Specialist (CS), Peri Sharpe, to help you gain and develop your career competencies and to assist you in your career preparation plan. 

First Year students, your first semester career requirements will be met during your ASAP101 workshops, so you do not need to do anything extra in your first semester.

Starting in your second semester, and during the rest of the time you are an ASAP student, you have one career requirement and two career exposures that you must meet every semester, and this can be met in the following ways.

Career Requirement: Attend an ASAP career workshop/event or a CS approved campus career skills workshop/event. Please be aware that ASAP career workshops will open for registration a couple of weeks into each semester through Acuity at:

ASAP career workshops will open for registration three weeks at a time, if there is no space available, make sure to check back, as additional workshops will be added throughout the semester.


Attend a 30-minute one-on-one appointment with Peri Sharpe, your CS, to figure out your needs and where your strengths are when it comes to becoming career ready, and maybe more importantly, to identify the areas in which you could use additional assistance. 

Career advising one-on-one appointments are booked through EAB Navigate at:

Career Exposures: These are much more flexible and can include career conversations with your ASAP advisor or other ASAP staff as well as campus activities that help you build the following career competencies: Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Professionalism, Communication, Technology, Leadership, Social Justice and Inclusion, and Career Management.

The best game plan for success is to do a combination of workshops/events/activities and one-on-one meetings. If you take advantage of every opportunity you have, by the time you finish your Associate degree, not only will you be much more career savvy, but having developed these career competencies, that are in high demand by employers, you will have increased your confidence when it comes to applying for jobs and internships. 

Let’s work on it together.