My Designs

Creating a Logo

This was the first project I ever worked on. The goal was to design an extremely minimal and clever logo that that would have a clear and obvious message.

Local Icecream shop

Logo Design Project

Adidas Project

This project was done on Adobe Indesign for my Graphic Principals class. We were required to write a research paper for any particular brand. I chose Adidas because of its minimal and iconic design. I created spreads that would relate to the design of the Adidas logo.

Film Festival Poster

Car Film Festival

With a growing and already well established car culture developing through out the globe, I decided to base my Film Festival poster on the films that showcase these environments. For the poster I used various methods in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create my design. I chose a minimal approach to the graphics because I wanted my concept to stand out just as much as my design.

Typographic Poster

Type Poster

The type poster was based on a specific font with a small biography. The key was to design a poster that would show its reader some of its history in a well composed design.