Photography Series: IFYFWF: I Feel, You Feel, We Feel

Project Overview

In this photography series, I aim to capture the authentic and often misunderstood emotions within the Black community, shedding light on experiences shaped by societal pressures and systemic challenges. Through intimate portraits and candid moments, my work highlights the complexity and resilience of Black identity, challenging stereotypes and celebrating the full range of human experiences.

Concept Summary

  • Black Women’s Rage: I explore the concept of “Black women rage,” portraying it as a powerful and justified emotion. My goal is to capture the strength and passion that emerge from this rage.
  • Laziness as Exhaustion: Another focal point is the notion of “laziness” as a manifestation of exhaustion. Through self-portraits and other images, I depict moments of rest and contemplation, highlighting the weariness resulting from systemic barriers and ongoing struggles.
  • Joy Amid Adversity: I document moments of joy and happiness, capturing genuine smiles, laughter, and expressions of connection and solidarity. These images reflect the profound resilience ingrained within Black culture, even in the face of adversity.

Techniques & Mood Board

To effectively convey these emotions, I employ various photographic techniques:

  • Lighting and Exposure: I experiment with different lighting setups to accentuate various moods and emotions.
  • Composition: I use vertical and horizontal lines to guide the viewer’s eye and enhance the visual impact of each imag

Final Images

10 images selected, edited, and toned in Lightroom.

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