After watching the video of Robert Frank photography, I think that the type of image that he focus on where image about politic and what was going on during the 1950s. I find some of his images plain because some of his images don’t present a story behind it, it kind o feels like he was just asking random pictures. One of his image that I really found interestingĀ was a picture of an African American women holding a white baby. It surprisedĀ me because it was stated in the video that “how can you trust your baby with a black women but won’t sit next to them”. I find don’tĀ seem to understand how someone would do that because usuallyĀ if you don’t like someone you wouldn’t let them take care of your child. I also like how Robert Frank focused on the daily lives of African-American in America. For example, he had taken one image that shows black people sitting on the back on of the bus while white people were sitting in the room. Looking at his pictures I would think he is into politics.

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