Homework #3

First game

Start: 10/17/15

Bacteria: Alien V

Origin: China

100 people infected: 12/03/15

1,000,000 people infected: 1/26/2016

First death: 3/21/16 China

Destroyed human race? Yes (11/13/16)

conquered Greenland? Yes

                 Since China has a general climate, so I first made the bacteria able to travel  and spread in air to increase the infectivity in arid environment and plane transmission. Then I created the bacterial shell to protect against all climate, because it was spreading to other countries that had different climates. I wanted to increase the ability of spreading first, then the severity. I didn’t want people to die too soon because the disease would become more noticeable. The whole Asia soon started getting infected. When the diseases reached Japan, I increase the drug resistance since Japan was a wealthy country and had a high quality of health care. Then I continuously made the bacteria transmitted via rodent, insect, and water. Also, I found that the more countries and people infected or died, the more DNA points I could get. I used a lot of DNA points to made the symptoms more lethal in order to speed up destroying more countries. When the cure reached  25%, I used a lot of DNA points to reduce and hinder the speed of the cure research. Morocco was the last country to be infected, and  the spread was kind of slowed down there instead of Greenland. Greenland was easily destroyed.


Second game


Bacteria: Teddy

Origin: Central Africa

100 people infected: 12/2/15

1,000,000 people infected: 2/6/16

First death: 8/22/16 in Egypt

Destroyed human race? Yes 3/8/2017

Conquered Greenland? Yes

             Central Africa had a hot climate, so I first made the bacteria Africa spread via insect; then, I increased the heat resistance. In the beginning, the bacteria was spreading kind of slow, Even I increased the infectivity of the bacteria, it was still spreading mostly in Africa. Therefore, I wasn’t getting a lot of DNA points compared to China, so I couldn’t really increase the lethality. The first death was almost after a year. This time I spent the DNA points mostly on the symptoms and infectivity. The percentage of cure was up to 50%. After the disease reached to other countries, the spreading was boosted. Greenland was the last country to be infected this time, but I still destroyed it.


             The bacteria spread faster in China than Africa. I think it is because China is a big country that has a lot of businesses and connections  with other countries; therefore, it’s very easy and fast to spread the bacteria via planes and ships. In contrast, Africa is a relatively poor country, so it has less international business with other countries, less people traveling around in this country. Therefore, it took longer and harder for the disease to spread. I saw a lot of airplanes and ships commuting between countries, I assumed that’s how the diseases spread all around the world so quickly. After playing this game, I noticed that pandemic in wealthy countries actually spread faster than poor countries. This game also let me understand that once a pandemic occurs, the first thing people do is to close down the airports and seaports, because that how the bacteria travel from one country to the other. Also, since I was the one who controlled the pandemic, I learned more about how the bacteria can be mutated to survive in different climates, and how the symptoms can be developed and related. I think it will be really scary if it really happens in real life.

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