Homework #1 Wellcome Image


The Wellcome Image I chose is titled “An old man diagnosed as suffering from senile dementia” by J. Williamson, ca. 1890. This image captured my attention because it depicts the last stages of our life: old age. Not only is this lithograph portraying old age but also as described by the title, “… as suffering from senile dementia”. This image captures a sense where there is no control of our cognitive thoughts hence senile dementia; no sense of present awareness can be seen. The old man also has a slumped body language, which for me represents sadness, discontent and a sense of tiredness. The old man is not even facing J. Williamson. His eyes show unhappiness but also a sense of unawareness and blankness. The wrinkles under his eyes seem sad and deep. The lines on his face show he has been through a lot in life. This image seems to have been taken during the winter season as seen by the subject’s clothing such as the winter hat, sweater and what looks like a scarf around his neck. This image reminded me of the readings we had to do during week two of class from Martin Kemp’s, “Medicine in View: Art and Visual Representation”. It showed an image of a woman who was filled with envy; a portrait by Théodore Géricault titled Woman Exhibiting the Monomania of Envy (facing). This image was created as a means to study the subject as well as to diagnose and treat them afterwards.

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