Homework #1: Wellcome Images Database

  The title of the image I chose from Wellcome Images is “vaccinating his young child, held by Mrs. Jenn.” I infer this painting indicates how a child was vaccinated in 18th century because the title of the painting mention vaccination, and the painter’s name and life time were written on the bottom of the painting that Edward Jenner lived from 1749 to 1823.

  If I compare this image to the other images what I saw in the class. This image has more positive feeling with bright colors than other images in the class. The inside house is not bright because the house does not have a light but sunshine from the window lights up the child. The men is probably a house owner and could be a doctor who attempt to inject vaccine to a child. I think Mrs. Jenn will be a woman who is holding a child, and a woman will be a maid who stand and roll up her sleeve. They look like an upper-middle class because the house looks like locate in the countryside. I can see that a men stands outside holding a cow, and a cat sits inside under a table. However, the man and woman who sit are well dressed. I also can see some fancy tea cups and pots in a tea cabinet and on the wall. A habit of a drinking tea is a symbol of rich people in 18th century. This image shows how people vaccinate their child in 18th century. There are no gloves, mask, and sterilizing instruments. It indicates that people have a lack of knowledge about hygiene.

  The image captured my attention because I felt a positive feeling from this image. This image is involved a disease as other images but it shows how we can prevent a disease and lead a child to healthy life compare to other images what I saw in the class. I think many images what I saw in the class have negative points to disease. The images describes a disease as a pain, suffering, hopeless, and death with dark colors.

(Edward Jenner, vaccinating his young child, held by Mrs Jenn  L0011550)

(Edward Jenner, vaccinating his young child, held by Mrs Jenn L0011550)

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