HW 4: Mona Lisa

After reading the news article, I believe that it is time to put away the Mona Lisa. According to the article, the majority of the visitors are only there to see the Mona Lisa and the majority of them don’t feel pleased after doing so. The Mona Lisa seems to be causing more bad than good. The exhibit where it’s held is overcrowded and it’s also tanking the attention away for another artwork. I know the money that the museum is getting from tourism is a big reason to keep the painting but safety should be held above that. The writing of the article had a great suggestion, which is that they should give the Mona Lisa a Place of her own away from the rest of the museum.

HW4: Is it time to take down the Mona Lisa?

I do believe that it is time to take down the Mona Lisa. According to the New York Times article, 80% of the 10 million visitors to the Musee du Louvre only go to see the Mona Lisa and end up disappointed. People now feel obligated to go see the Mona Lisa, which simply shouldn’t be the case when it is only one piece out of da Vinci’s entire life’s work. In a museum full of iconic art pieces like the Venus de Milo, the crowding is not only a security hazard but frankly, insulting. The size of the crowds that form to see the Mona Lisa has caused the painting to be moved several times, placed behind a several-inch thick glass box, security lines and cause the museum to close down; as iconic as the piece is, in both pop culture and art history, the measures taken to keep the piece on display simply aren’t worth it. It should be retired indefinitely, so that the Musee du Louvre can finally breathe.

HW#4: Is It Time To Take Down The Mona Lisa

Based on the New York Times article about the Mona Lina being taken down, I would agree that the 16th-century Italian masterpiece be relocated to a place of its own due to the chaotic overcrowding and disappointed visitors. According to the New York Times article, “The overcrowding was so bad, the museum had to shut its doors on several days.” This proves how it’s negatively impacting museum visitors and the employees of the Louvre. By building a separate place for the Mona Lisa and selling tickets with time sloths for groups of 10-15, can allow visitors from all over the world to a better view of the Mona Lina in a well-organized manner. The space can also provide a selfie booth, through which visitors can download their picture as they leave.

HW#4: Is It Time To Take Down The Mona Lisa?

After reading the article in the New York Times, I believe that the Mona Lisa should be relocated to its own space outside the museum. Since it’s a very important painting and a lot of people come from all over the world to see that specific painting I think it would be better to have its own space. I also think it would be a good idea to have time slot that a certain amount of people could enter the viewing area to limit the amount of people viewing the Mona Lisa at the same time. This will be more beneficial so that everyone could actually get a up close & better look at the painting rather then having people pushing & shoving just to get a peek of the painting.

Olando Alexis HW#4- Is it Time To Take Down The Mona Lisa?

After reading this recent article in the New York Times about the overcrowding situation in the Louvre Museum, where Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa is stored, I have very simple answer to the question. I believe that the Mona Lisa should be placed in its on place outside the museum. The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous painting of all time and I think its only fair that it gets its own place outside the museum. Other than that, the overcrowding can be a safety hazard so if they move it outside of the museum then it should be in a bigger place also that way the overcrowding can be managed more professionally and more organized.

HW#2 How Would You Rebuild a Gothic Church?

Should the French rebuild the landmark Gothic Church? This question once again is on the minds of many French people visiting Paris. The cathedral’s famous name Notre-Dame means Our Lady, is itself historical. After the collapsed from the fire, I wondered if the re-construction of the church would be possible. The construction of Notre Dame began during the reign of King Louis VII and was completed in the year 1345. I am not sure if the modern-day engineers can rebuild the church to look the same because the cathedral needed a makeover prior to this fire. Some of these architectural structures such as the Crown of Thorns and the Tunic of Saint Louis was housed there. I believe some of these artifacts can’t be replaced with
the magnificent wall carvings, if re-constructed and it will never give off the same brilliance as before.

Jeron Ryan: It is Time to Relocate The Mona Lisa

After reading the article in the New York Times I agree that the Louvre should relocate the Mona Lisa to another location within the museum and implement measures to decrease the commotion and make the rest of the museum more accessible to others. This will also help better the experience for those visitors who are genuine art lovers versus those individuals who do not really care much for art but are tourists looking to simply take a selfie next to the Mona Lisa because its supposedly a cool thing to do. All in all, the Mona Lisa is a nice art piece but there are many other art works that are more interesting.

Doma G: HW4: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa?

The Louvre Museum is the world’s largest art museum located in Paris, France. The Mona Lisa created by Leonardo Da Vinci has been gaining so much attention recently. The Louvre Museum contains many artworks, but only the Mona Lisa gallery gains the most attraction which has become a safety hazard. I believe it’s time for the Mona Lisa to be moved to its own space rather than taking it down. According to the article, “80 percent of the visitors are here for the Mona Lisa and most of them leave unhappy.” This is because the place is overcrowded with people and they have difficulty observing the painting. The Mona Lisa is a very popular artwork and there are tons of people who have yet to see it in person, therefore it shouldn’t be taken down. The best alternative is to create a space just for the Mona Lisa and limit the amount of people allowed in. This way everyone can get a close up look at the painting and not have to push each other. The more organized they are, the better the experience will be. Mona Lisa has been voted the world’s most disappointing attraction this year and that should change.

Fareez Mohammed Hw #4: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa?

I disagree with the article because I believe the Mona Lisa should still be available for people to see the painting. Leonardo da Vinci had many different ideas and view of his art. This one painting shows us Mona Lisa and what he believes beauty was at that time.  Many people all over the world come to visit it today because it is one of a kind and it is a very famous painting. Currently the Mona Lisa is at the Louvre, in Paris where over 30,000 people come to visit daily. The Louvre House has a very vast collection of art in Europe, and to take the Mona Lisa down from this Museum would make it very displeasing to many people visiting and wanting to see this work of art. Also, if this painting were to be taken down, I would not have the opportunity to see it. Based on the description of the painting this is something that I would not want to miss seeing.

What’s on your Thanksgiving Plate?

So just like very year we were invited to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving as she invited about 30 to 40 closefamilies of our community to her mansion in Valley Stream, New York every year! So just like every year, even this year she did a “one dish” party/ contest which means to participate every family brings in at least one of their famous family recepies/dishes and then everyone eats and decides who wins the contest for the best dish/recipie

  • The one one the upper left (red) is called “Chicken Satay” which is known to be a very famous appitiezer back in Mumbai, India.
  • The one on the upper right is called, “Tikka Biriyani” which is a Mughlai dish also very famous in India and Pakistan.
  • The one on the bottom is called, “Memoni Dhokre” which is a dish that is made especially during winter time as it is good for the body to eat a healthy and warm gravy with beans , this was also the dish for which my Mom won the first prize for “Best Dish 2019” in our community as you can see her trophy in the lower left of the collage!