HW4: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa?

Based on the authors view on the Mona Lisa in this article, I agree that the Mona Lisa should be taken elsewhere, yes it’ll be taken down from one Museum but with the popularity, the Mona Lisa has, with very little reason as to why for many, it seems reasonable for the painting to have its own place and let other artworks shine. Along with possibly being able to satisfy many more people who go to see the painting and for those that want to enjoy the other artworks on display without being completely bombarded by crowds of people who only want to see a single painting.  Along that being place into storage will cause more upset people and who knows what the outcome could result in therefor having the Mona Lisa in its own place away from the museum results the best.

How Evil was Commodus?

The Bust of Commodus as Hercules felt fitting within Commodus’s eyes, as it showed authority and power, perhaps even some form of respect, with the Lion skin placed over him, the club in his left hand.  Not to mention that Hercules himself was half-human and half-god, after reading the Life of Commodus, Commodus himself, had sacrifices made to him as if he was god, despite being fully human and despite seeming to be of cruel and treacherous rule. While in some cases it can also connect to Hercules as it’s said that Hercules had a bad temper that caused unnecessary terrible actions on his part, but is mainly known for what he has done to seem Heroic. Commodus on the other hand from what has been read and seen throughout the trailer, has no heroic merit to him, having only power and money to satisfy him. Humiliating, murdering and torturing those around him and with poor reasoning as well. But thanks to the power he had, like he was part god, he had control and he decided the fate of those around him. He determined them and yet still had the ideal to feel like a great figure to be seen like Hercules, with pride and honor, but with a cruel dark personality.