Olando Alexis HW#4- Is it Time To Take Down The Mona Lisa?

After reading this recent article in the New York Times about the overcrowding situation in the Louvre Museum, where Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa is stored, I have very simple answer to the question. I believe that the Mona Lisa should be placed in its on place outside the museum. The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous painting of all time and I think its only fair that it gets its own place outside the museum. Other than that, the overcrowding can be a safety hazard so if they move it outside of the museum then it should be in a bigger place also that way the overcrowding can be managed more professionally and more organized.

Olando Alexis – How would You Rebuild A Gothic Church?

After the unexpected and horrible fire of Paris’s Cathedral of Notre Dame on April 15th 2019, there has been an ongoing argument on how the destroyed cathedral should be rebuilt. Also, after reading the the article and hearing opinions on both sides, I honestly believe that the cathedral should be rebuilt back to its original form. Since the original way the building was built would probably be hard or difficult to replicate, I believe that they should try to replicate the important aspects of it such as the roof and the walls. I also believe that they should also insert some modern construction so that the building could be stronger and be able to handle or prevent disasters such as another fire.

Olando Alexis: How Evil Was Commodus?

After reading the entire article on the life of Commodus I would have to say that Commodus bought a new meaning to evil. The fact that it started out in the womb made it worst. It was said that his mother had a dream about two serpents and that one was fiercer than the other. Commodus happened to grow up spoiled and also fouled mouthed as described in the article. Starting from a young age, the first time that it was noted that he was cruel was when he sent a serpent to burn into a furnace after his bath appeared to be too cool. It also intrigues me how he was able to put many people to death with just his will and status. The craziest part is that barely anyone dared to stand against him due to his status. I also think that those who were around him that had authority had a huge role in his evil intentions because they were al ridiculed and decided to go along with whatever was said by Commodus. another thing that surprises me is how he was able to murder people with no remorse. An example could be when he put servants to death just because they made a correctable mistake and when he would put others to death based on his opinion and because he felt as if they were threats or had some kind special quirk. He also treated the opposite sex as play toys or factors of pleasure. He had no care and was clearly unfit to rule a whole nation.