Kate Chand- HW #4: Is it time to take down the Mona Lisa?

After reading the article, I found it shocking by how many people visit the Louvre Museum in Paris to visit the Mona Lisa. The room is said to be flooded with people and is said to be describe waiting in the line at the airport. A photo I’ve seen in the article is of people taking pictures of the painting while standing crowded against each other. I think there is an over exaggeration with this particular painting since it’s infamous worldwide. I would understand that seeing it in person versus over the internet would be spectacular but I feel like I’ve seen versions of the painting whether it’s appeared as reference in cartoons or just plainly in teaching lessons. I agree that the painting is mysterious with Mona’s seemingly happy expression with the well done sfumato by the brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci, but I’m quite rather annoyed and tired to keep seeing this painting. Although this painting is a renowned masterpiece in the eyes of the masses, I can’t say that I’m impressed each time I view it. Even though this painting is ridiculously famous, I don’t think there should be traffic and a crowded room in seeing this painting. I think we all know and agree that such a monumental art piece is beautiful and well painted done by such an intelligent man that contributed so much to society but I think the supposed “hype” for this painting is irksome even if this particular art piece will be remembered for all of time. Thus, I think the Mona Lisa should stay up but the human traffic should die down to minimum requirement of people in the room to see it.

Kate Chand – How Would You Rebuild A Gothic Church?

After the destructive fire of Paris’s Cathedral of Notre Dame on April 15th 2019, there has been much controversy about the reconstruction of the roof of the Cathedral that has been destroyed. The debate is between restoring the Cathedral to it’s original form or rebuilding it in a more modern day style. I personally believe that the Cathedral’s roof should be rebuilt to it’s gothic style theme with a little modern touch but must be approved by the French government and it’s population. I think that the Cathedral is apart of France’s history, culture, and religion and should be rebuilt according to France’s standards. Although there is mixed opinions and already ideas for the reconstruction, I think it depends on how the people of France feels. Even though my opinion is to restore the Cathedral to it’s true gothic style with some modern touches, I respect France’s demands and wishes and will be fine with whatever they desire and plan for the esteemed Cathedral.

Kate Chand: How Evil Was Commodus?

After reading section 9-11 of the Historia Augusta:The Life of Commodus, I strongly believe that Commodus was a vile human being. According to these sections, he participated in gladiatorial combats 735 times where months were renamed, sacrifices were made, and statues would go up in his honour. But, he had committed such treacherous and evil doings to people and as well as to himself. He would kill someone in the most brutal way whether it was a beating or poison, gave people food mixed with excrement, and disrespected his own Greek Gods by committing adulteries in the temple and entered it with human blood, and etc. This shows me that this man should not even be honored at all and especially to be compared or depicted as the great Hercules himself. In the Bust of Commodus, he wears a Lion headdress where the paws are wrapped around him and seemed to be carrying a weapon of some sort with some miscellaneous items with a sort of solemn expression on his face. I think that this statue does not express the true essence of Commodus since he lived such a iniquitous life. Even though he was admired because of his gladiatorial battles, I think that people should’ve seen past his accomplishments and into his true and immoral self where he committed many sins no one will forget nor forgive.