HW#4: Is It Time To Take Down The Mona Lisa?

After reading the article in the New York Times, I believe that the Mona Lisa should be relocated to its own space outside the museum. Since it’s a very important painting and a lot of people come from all over the world to see that specific painting I think it would be better to have its own space. I also think it would be a good idea to have time slot that a certain amount of people could enter the viewing area to limit the amount of people viewing the Mona Lisa at the same time. This will be more beneficial so that everyone could actually get a up close & better look at the painting rather then having people pushing & shoving just to get a peek of the painting.

HW#2 : How Would You Rebuild A Gothic Chirch?

I believe the Norte Dame Cathedral should be rebuilt with the same gothic designs as it was originally built. I don’t think modernizing it would be a good idea due to the fact that if the fire never happened they wouldn’t be renovating it or changing a single thing about it. If they try to modernize it the cathedral would loose the character of the building as a whole. Changing the way the cathedral is built will through the whole design off. Since it already has a gothic design too if it should just remain constant throughout the whole cathedral.

Karen Orellana: How Evil Was Commodus?

After reading the following sections I have come to the conclusion that Commodus had an obsession with Hercules and craved power and authority. He did some really awful and cruel things just so he could gain power. Commodus would torture people and do it for his own amusement. There were several acts that showed how cruel of a person he was he shot hundreds of animals with arrows because in his opinion they were useless. Another explain as it states in the passage is that “he put a starling on the head of one man who, as he noticed, had a few white hairs, resembling worms, among the black, and caused his head to fester through the continual pecking of the bird’s beak — the bird, of course, imagining that it was pursuing worm”. He also had handsome men killed. I would say that Commodus was a evil, angry, corrupt human begin. His actions were so inhumane. The sculpture below is called The Bust of Commodus as Hercules. Just by the look of it you can tell that the sculpture signifies power. In the sculpture he holds some fruits in one hand and something that looks like a club on the other hand. The sculpture also wearing a lions head as a headpiece. The lion to me represents power and authority.