HW#4 Mona Lisa

. Do you think it’s time to put the Mona Lisa in storage? Or perhaps move it to its own space outside of the museum?

I believe that people can enjoy the art they view if they want to. Personally,  I don’t understand all the hype about the Mona Lisa, Comparing the Mona Lisa to other works in the renaissance, I feel as if it could easily get lost or outclassed. However, that is only my opinion. I don’t think people have the right to take away from someone’s experience of how they enjoy art. Not everyone likes the same music, watches the same shows or enjoy the same art. If people want to travel around a world just to see the picture let them. It there freedom to enjoy what they want.

HW3_Christian Paz

This is me enjoying two empanadas that I had made for my families thanksgiving dinner. Overall since I had such a big family I had to make 40 empanadas with beef and cheese. My sister made some amazing potatoe salad and my grandmother ofcourse is the backbone of the operation. She made Turkey, rice, stuffing, sweet potatoe and tamales. She also had time to make a delicious flan. I dont know how my grandmother does it all on her own, but nonetheless her food is always the best.