HW#4- Is it Time To Take Down The Mona Lisa?

After reading the article by New York Times, I do believe the Mona Lisa should be located somewhere other than the Louvre because if one painting is causing so much chaos then that becomes a problem to the staff and the tourists. If you have to crowd around one picture like you’re at a concert then going to the Louvre to see The Mona Lisa is not worth it. They should give The Mona Lisa it’s own building away from the Louvre just the minimize the crowding. There is other important works of art at the Louvre that people should be focusing on not just The Mona Lisa.

HW#: How Would You Rebuild A Gothic Church?

After I read the article about the reconstruction of Notre Dame. I think that the church should be rebuilt with both modern and Gothic style. The Gothic style of the church dates back to so many centuries and the style is a part of France’s history and culture. because we are in modern times I think that modern style should also be incorporated into the church just to match the time period. Also, in addition to the reconstruction, to prevent future danger such as fires the building should be reconstructed with fireproof material. the main reason why the fire spread so quickly is because of the old material used in the church.