HW4: Is it time to take down the Mona Lisa?

In this article it breaks down the problem regarding the famous painting the Mona Lisa  painted by Leonardo da Vinci . It  is such a famous painting , it shameful to think The Louvre which hold  the greatest art collection in all of Europe would not comprehend the significant of this  art . It is a little  hard to believe that the Louvre held that much people/tourists but what I didn’t understand was the  criticism the Louvre had to face , tourist should not be so quick to complain because it was a  uncontrollable events . In the article the director of the  Louvre  mentioned taking step to prepare to  alleviate the problem the Mona Lisa had created , while reading this article  it explains how  many  famous painting that was displayed but was ignored because most of the people came to see Leonardo  Masterpiece so I don’t think the Louvre should give up on the art so easy but that only if they make the  improvement to display the painting more comfortable for the public.