What’s on your Thanksgiving Plate?

So just like very year we were invited to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving as she invited about 30 to 40 closefamilies of our community to her mansion in Valley Stream, New York every year! So just like every year, even this year she did a “one dish” party/ contest which means to participate every family brings in at least one of their famous family recepies/dishes and then everyone eats and decides who wins the contest for the best dish/recipie

  • The one one the upper left (red) is called “Chicken Satay” which is known to be a very famous appitiezer back in Mumbai, India.
  • The one on the upper right is called, “Tikka Biriyani” which is a Mughlai dish also very famous in India and Pakistan.
  • The one on the bottom is called, “Memoni Dhokre” which is a dish that is made especially during winter time as it is good for the body to eat a healthy and warm gravy with beans , this was also the dish for which my Mom won the first prize for “Best Dish 2019” in our community as you can see her trophy in the lower left of the collage!